Parenting Course

A practical course that helps us to take time out to reflect and gain inspiration from others, as well as finding a fresh vision for our family. The course is aimed at those with children under 12.

Some of the areas covered in the course are:

  • A vision for the family
  • Communicating love
  • Who is influencing my children?
  • Family values
  • Guiding, shaping and boundaries
  • Modelling love and respect

For more information on the next Parenting Course, please phone; Suzannah 01937 520951 or Natalie 07835 958 966

Oval Callout: It has benefited me hugely. It has made me stop and think about what I should be doing now as a parent to influence my children for the rest of their lives for the better.Flowchart: Sequential Access Storage: A valuable course for any parent. Emma, Wetherby.Oval Callout: Well balanced, easy to digest and sufficient time to discuss in groups.Flowchart: Sequential Access Storage: I feel as if our family is now working as much more of a team and trying to help each other and others more. Lucy, Wetherby