Weekly News Letter - 1st March 2020

St James




A Very Warm Welcome to Everyone

Sunday 1 March 2020
The First Sunday of Lent
"Worship the Lord your God and serve only him" Matthew 4.10


8.00am Holy Communion (BCP)
Presiding: Brendan Giblin
Preaching: Brendan Giblin

9.30am Parish Communion
Presiding: Brendan Giblin
Preaching: Brendan Giblin
Assisting: Marilyn Smith
Hymns: 56, 524, We Cannot Measure, 117
Anthem: Call to Remembrance - Farrant
Voluntary: Prelude in B Minor - J S Bach

11.00am Worship @ 11.00
Leading: Elaine Hainsworth
Preaching: Brendan Giblin

2.00pm Holy Baptism - Savannah Mann, Wyatt Mann and Louie Pawson

6.30pm Evensong
Leading: Lorna Taylor

Preaching: Marilyn Smith
Hymns: 134, 126, 123. Psalm 50 v1-15 (Chant 261)
Anthem: My Eyes for Beauty Pine - Howells
Voluntary: Toccata on 'Aberystwyth' - Bednall

Diary for the Week

Monday 2 March
9.15am Morning Prayer - St James
7.30pm Called to Prayer - Centre

Tuesday 3 March
9.15am Morning Prayer - St James
2.00pm Church on the Corner - Holy Communion
7.30pm Novel Conversations - Curates' Office

Wednesday 4 March
9.15am WCT Prayer Group - Methodist Church
9.30am Wednesday Toddlers - Centre
9.45am Holy Communion - St James
2.00pm Mothers' Union - Centre

Thursday 5 March
9.15am Morning Prayer - St James
9.30am Coffee Morning - Centre
12 noon Lent Meditations - St James
12.30pm Lent Lunch - Centre
7.30pm Worship Group - St James

Friday 6 March
9.15am Morning Prayer - St James
1.30pm World Day of Prayer Service - St Joseph's Church
6.30pm Choir Practice - St James

Saturday 7 March 

Sunday 8 March
The Second Sunday of Lent
8.00am Holy Communion (BCP)
9.30am Parish Communion
11.00am Worship @ 11
6.30pm Wind Down Worship

Suggestions for Prayer A Prayer for Lent: “Holy God, as a pilgrim I journey with you. I reflect on my life, aware of my weakness, my vulnerabilities and aware of my sin. I look to Your Son, through whose death, I receive healing, wholeness and fullness of life for life itself is a gift from You. Help me to hold out that life to others. Amen” (A Church Army Prayer).
Pray for people in the Walton Road area of Wetherby: Walton Road, First Avenue, Second Avenue, Third Avenue, Fourth Avenue, Hallfield Crescent, Burrell Close and Privas Way.Churches in Wetherby this week pray for: Pupils and staff of schools serving this area.

It’s that simple.  It can be inconvenient completing white Gift Aid envelopes on a Sunday morning - would it not be simpler to be able to use envelopes imprinted with an identifying number instead of writing your full name and address?  You can, using St James’ Yellow Envelopes.
Put your donation in the envelope, put the envelope on the offertory plate and the Gift Aid Recorder will identify your donation from the unique number and claim the tax. It’s that simple.
The value of Gift Aid donations at St James’ is falling, but cash donations are increasing.
If you pay UK income tax and do not wish to commit to a standing order or you often use the white envelopes, please speak to our friendly Gift Aid Recorder, Jill Rose (07761982630 or mail: jilly.rose@gmail.com) who can provide you with a batch of numbered yellow envelopes. Simple

Food Donation Boxes In Church and the Centre. Please leave any donations in the green plastic containers. As always, your continued support is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Margaret Williams 01937 918548.

Novel Conversations Book Club – Tuesday 3 March at 7.30pm in the Curate’s Office – We will be discussing ‘The Salt Path’ by Raynor Winn. All are very welcome. Thank you. Dave and Sandra York 01937 579596.
The Flowers in the porch are to celebrate the wedding anniversary of Barbara and David Brown, with love from their family.
Lent - Each Thursday during Lent, following the midday meditations in Church, we will be serving a simple soup lunch in the Church Centre. If you can help by either making a pan of soup, or helping to serve, please fill in the list at the back of Church. Thanks a lot. Shirley Fawcett
Thursday Meditations and Soup Lunches – The meditations will explore creation and our place in it. Pleases do come along – noon to 12.20pm in Church:
5 March saying yes to light – Genesis 1.3-4
12 March saying yes to water – Genesis 1.9-10, 20a
19 March saying yes to plant life – Genesis 1.11-12
26 March saying yes to animal life – Genesis 1.24-25
2 April saying yes to human life – Genesis 1.26-27
Thank you. Brendan
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Advice from the Church of England’s Adviser on Health Issues “Although there is not currently Government advice suggesting churches should suspend the use of the Common Cup, parishioners with coughs and sneezes should be encouraged to receive Communion in one kind only and to refrain from handshaking during The Peace. We also advise against the practice of ‘intinction’, when the consecrated bread is dipped into the wine, as this could represents an infection transmission route”. Should anyone have any questions about this, please do have a chat with Brendan.
World Day of Prayer on Friday 6 March at St Joseph’s Church, Wetherby, at 1.30pm with a buffet afterwards. This year’s service has been prepared by the Christian Women of Zimbabwe. Please do come along and pray with us. Everyone is very welcome. Thank you. Natalie Elderton 07835 958966
Compassion Trip to the Philippines 18-27 June 2020 – Some at St James’ sponsor children through Compassion in the Philippines. In June Compassion is organising a life-changing trip to experience their work in the Philippines. Please follow this link to find out more https://challenges.compassionuk.org/trip/1058/philippines-overseas-challenge If interested please do have a word. More than happy to help with the challenges! Brendan

Bell Ringing for 75th Anniversary of VE Day on Friday 8 May - Wetherby Town Council has asked whether we can ring at 11am on 8 May. This is a huge ask for us! I have four learners making progress and need more. If you have EVER wondered about trying bell ringing, please contact Peter Cox tel 01937 584453. Teaching sessions can be arranged to suit you. If we do not try, we cannot meet the challenge. Many thanks. Peter Cox
March Quiz – is all about ‘Great Paintings’ and costs £1 with all money going to Church funds. Thank you. Sue Taylor
The St James’ Email Prayer Chain – for email prayer chain requests, please
email Rosie Rooke mail@rosierooke.plus.com or telephone 01937 580673.

 Please note the Parish Office is closed on Monday 2 and Friday 6 March



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